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DSP, your partner starting with your door

Durable communication tools in transparent acrylic including your logo, advertising slogan or other graphic.

What makes DSP so unique?

  • Bespoke, individualized manufacturing
  • Design and manufacturing in-house (no subcontractors)
  • The quality, reliability and finish of the products, particularly thanks to the use of high-grade cast acrylic
  • Accurate reproduction of the colours and design of your logo
  • Use of UV-resistant ink
  • Exclusive manufacturing process and fastening system
  • Lower prices for larger quantities

Main winning assets of DSP

  • Expertise and more than 25 years of experience in the business, with more than 1000 satisfied customers
  • Ability to meet standards as well as to create unconventional shapes in bespoke colour schemes
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • A unique assembling system

Short history

Emmanuel Devry first established DSP in 1996. Two years later, the company moved into a 500 m² workshop in Arquennes and embarked on the production of personalised acrylic door handles. After creating its own logo – “DSP - The Eye Catching Door Handle”, the company rolled out its own brand of door handles – “Catchy Door Handle by DSP”. Since 2003, it has begun to export its products to other European countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands) and 2010 saw its entry into Africa (Tunisia).

1 Film separation
2 Printing
3 Machining and finishing
4 Mounting brackets
5 Wrapping and packaging

1. Film separation

One film per colour

Film separation

2. Printing

Using screen-printing technology


3. Machining and finishing

Cutting, milling, turning, sanding and polishing

Machining and finishing

4. Mounting brackets

Custom fabrication of mounting brackets

Mounting brackets

5. Wrapping and packaging

In 100 % recyclable expanded polystyrene box, ensuring protection against shocks during transportation.

Wrapping and packaging

Quality at competitive prices and fast delivery!
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